Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Eyebright! It is a brilliant occasion to get the family together and share a few laughs. Why not try out your new look for the holidays and see what your family thinks of it? You have the whole day to experiment with your lashes and make-up so make the most of it. 

See you soon!

Have a great Christmas


Contact Lenses: Naughty or Nice

Get inspired for the nice look through Lady Gaga.Are you going to be naughty or nice this Christmas?

If you’re choosing to be naughty and sexy, why not show Santa you really mean business? A pair of red contact lenses can speak louder than words. You can finish off the look with a pair of luscious lashes to really boast your sex appeal.

However, if you want to be nice this year, get that innocent look with a pair of Big Eyes. Originally made famous by style queen Lady Gaga, these Big eye contacts lenses will instantly give you the look you have been wanting. Teamed with a pair of false lashes, you will be able to flutter your way through anything.

 Some of our favourite contact lenses for the naughty or nice theme:

Glamour Blue Contact Lenses

Big blue eyes scream nice and sweet. Your eyes will be loaded with all the ammunition you need to always get your way this Christmas.

Bigger Eyes Sweet Honey Contact Lenses

Brown eyes are dreamy and when they are big, just think of all the power your innocence could have. How sweet!

Voldemort Contact Lenses

Red oozes the themes love and passion, so this year let your eyes do all the talking. Show them all just how naughty you can be.

Red Contact Lenses

When you wear these red lenses you are sure to show your true colours. Get them all as hot as your eyes wherever you go.


Green contacts: Get the Christmas colour

Make everyone turn green with envy!Green is associated with envy, but the only envy that will be going around the room will be of your beautiful green eyes. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, so let your glimmer and shine with one of the rarest eyeshades around. With a simple click of a button you can have green eyes that will have everyone wishing they could be you.

Green coloured contact lenses are the simplest way to create your dreamy new look. They are suitable for dark eyes as well, so no matter your natural eyeshade you can have the look you want without any restrictions.

Our favourite green lenses are:

Green Contact Lenses

Look marvellous and stunning everywhere you go when you wear these beautiful green contact lenses. The simplest change to your look makes the biggest difference, so refresh your eyes and see how many compliments you get.

Green 3 Tone Contact Lenses

Love the colour, but want a more natural look. Then these 3 tonal contact lenses are just for you! These three shades of green blend together to give your eyes a natural beauty.

Bigger Eyes Party Green Contact Lenses

Lady Gaga has recently made Big Eyes one of the greatest trends by wearing them in her multi award winning video Bad Romance. So why not mix Lady Gaga’s fashion sense with the natural beauty of green eyes? Ideal for all those fashionistas out there!


Colour lenses for Christmas

Give the gift of gold to your eyes this yearChristmas is just around the corner and the question on everyone’s mind is ‘what am I going to wear for the special day?’ Well why not dress around your accessories and your chosen festive colour?

The colours of Christmas:

Gold Jewel Contact Lenses

These gold jewel contact lenses will lighten up your face instantly. With the use of subtle rich tones your eyes will speak glamour and ooze warmth, perfect for the Christmas holiday. Why not complete the look with a fabulous pair of D’Orable false lashes. These sexy lashes will really open your eyes; you won’t be able to stop fluttering.

Silver Mirror Contact Lenses

Let your eyes dazzle and shine with a par of silver mirror contact lenses. People won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Why not maximise the effects of your eyes with a glitter shaker in silver? You can apply the glitter along your eyelids, across the under eye area (acting like an eyeliner) or apply it to your body.

White-Out Contact Lenses

Take inspiration from the colour of snow and give your eyes a seasonal glow. Everybody loves snow and with these white lenses you will be able to show what a winter wonderland is meant to look like. Capitalise on the look and try some face diamonds to give your eyes some extra sparkle. The ultimate party look!

Red - Flame Hot Contact Lenses

Red is the traditional colour of Christmas. Santa’s robe is red, the berries off holly are red and most decorations are in an array of red tones. Why not carry on this trend and wear a pair of red contact lenses? With these contact lenses you will transform any outfit into a festive surprise. You can also have fun painting your nails with some great nail art.

Green - Fusion Yellow Green Contact Lenses

Green is an earthy colour that is always present at Christmas. Let’s face it, if you could have any eye colour it would be green. Green is a sensual colour that memorises people, so why not grab everyone’s attention when you walk into the room wearing these green contacts? By using some hair mascara you will be able to maximise the effects, giving yourself a bolder look. 

Now you have your accessories sorted, get ready to go shopping for the matching outfit. With the right accessories you will amaze everyone and shine brighter than the star of Bethlehem.


Get in the festive mood like Cheryl and Rhianna

Get festive with your style with the help of EyesbrightChristmas is all round us, but are you feeling festive yet? If not why not, get yourself some festive accessories and see how you feel. You never know, after you have started you may want to get a new outfit as well!

Red is one of the most festive colours there is and what is even better it is this season’s new black. We have seen the likes of Rihanna and Cheryl Cole change their hair colour to red and numerous celebrities going to parties wearing it too. So why not change your eye colour to glamorous red? There is a fantastic range of red contact lenses to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

If red isn’t tickling your fancy, but love the idea of changing your hair colour to be more festive, why not try some hair mascara or hair colour spray in green?

Green is the perfect Christmas colour, so why not try the colour on your nails as well? Green nail vanish will put the finishing touches to your special outfit and will most certainly get you in the mood for Christmas.   

A bit of sparkle never goes a miss either at Christmas, so why not try some face and body jewels? They would go perfectly with your new contact lenses and fake lashes. You could even stick then on your nails.

Go on have fun, that is what Christmas is all about after all.