Party Contact Lenses

Yellow Manga Contact LensesNew Years Eve might have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean the party season has. Keep the celebrations going throughout the month and keep spirits high. Why not try a new look to go with your new outfits you got over Christmas or in the sale?

Complete the look

A simple and effective way to complete your new look is by dressing your eyes up as well, not only with eye shadows and coloured mascaras, but with a pair of coloured contact lenses. There is a great range of fashion lenses for you to choose from, whether you just want to change the colour of your eyes or try a jazzy pattern.

A few of our favourites for the party season include:

UV Red Yearly Contact Lenses

If everyone is feeling a bit sad that the Christmas season is over, brighten up their moods with the help of these UV red lenses.

Orange Energy Contact Lenses

Show off how much energy you have left after the New Year Eve party with the help of these energy contact lenses.

Yellow Manga Contact Lenses

Show off your playful side with these yellow manga fashion lenses. With a little burst of colour against the black base your eyes will look bold and enticing.

Why not complete your party look with some accessories like false eyelashes or some glitter shakers. With these accessories your eyes will really make a statement; people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 


Steal a celebrity look

Get Paris Hilton's lookParis Hilton is known for a lot of things, but one asset that has everyone talking is her beautiful blue eyes, but did you know they are fake?

Paris Hilton has naturally brown eyes, but when she walks out into the media frenzy she boasts baby blues. Apparently it is to help her keep in ‘character’.

So why not take a leaf out of her book and grab yourself your very own baby blue eyes with the help of blue contact lenses? There is a great range available at Eyesbright for you to try; whether you want to experiment with deep shades or light baby blues.

To really get the celebrity look, try some false eyelashes as well like these La La Lashes Dazzle. No celebrity would walk down the red carpet without their trusty false lashes so why should you? They can really help open up your eye area and extenuate the colour of your eyes.

Celebrities love contact lenses, whether they want to change their look for red carpet events or to help them get closer to a character they are playing (in films or in front of the media). There are countless celebrities who wear contact lenses and with the help of Eyebright you can get the celebrity contact lenses look.   


New Year, New Look

Red contact lensesIt’s a New Year, which means people are making New Year resolutions. This is great time to start thinking about making a change in your life such as quitting smoking or losing their extra pounds you gained over the Christmas season, why not highlight the new you, with a new look?

There are plenty of ways to create new look; maybe you want to change your fashion style or you want to try that new pixie style hair cut and red dye?

The issue with these examples is that it takes a lot of time and in some cases a lot of money. There is a simpler way to create a new look and at a fraction of the cost. By simply changing the colour of your eyes, or changing the way you use make up.

Nude colours and ‘barely there’ make up is so spring/summer 2009, so this year don’t be afraid to use a bit of colour. Red is making a grand come back, so why not try it as an eye colour?

There are some brilliant red contact lenses available at Eyesbright that is sure to get you noticed everywhere you go. The best thing about the Eyebright coloured contact lenses is that most of them can be re-used throughout the year!

Why not try some glitter shakers to really emphasise your new look; they would work wonderfully as an eyeshadow.

Take a look at Eyesbright today and see what new look you can be experimenting with to see 2011 in with style!


Face Diamonds: Her Majesty & The Wolves

Hot new double act Her Majesty & The Wolves performed their second single Stars in their eyes on ITV programme, Lorraine yesterday sporting a dazzling new look. Front singer Kimberly Wyatt, former member of the widely acclaimed Pussycat Dolls wore sparkling face diamonds in her interview with the presenter and performance and looked stunning.

The face diamonds framed the side of her face from the top of her forehead to the corner of her eyes, giving her a look that is red carpet worthy. She most certainly has changed since her Pussycat Dolls time, and that’s not all that has changed; her style of music has as well.

The Pussycat Dolls known for the debut single, Don’t Cha were one of the biggest pop acts in the world with racy lyrics and racy stage outfits. However, Kimberly and Spencer Nezey (the two acts that make up Her Majesty & The Wolves) have gone for a more dance approach, with catchy lyrics and beats that will get everyone moving to the dance floor.

Her Majesty & The Wolves Interview on Lorraine/Daybreak


If you are a big fan of Kimberly’s new look and want to try it out yourself we have some fantastic face diamonds available in our fashion accessory range; you can find multicoloured and silver. There are other celebrity looks you can steal with Eyesbright including the Lady Gaga ‘doe-eyed’ look.


Sale Continues

January is the time everyone goes a little crazy for the sales. Harrods was just one store that saw a gross amount of people fighting to the rails, but isn’t there an easier way to get bargains without having to fight people and spend precious time queuing? With the Eyesbright sale, shopping the January sales can be that much more enjoyable.

We started our sale just before Christmas to get you saving earlier and it still continues, giving you the chance to create a new look for the new year. There is a fantastic range of contact lenses and accessories for you to choose from, ideal for any occasion and best of all, at spectacular prices.

From patterned lenses to coloured contacts you will find the ideal lens for you. Why not try a patriotic look and opt for the England St George Flag lenses or the Union Jack contacts? They are ideal for any sporting events like The Ashes. Or, how about changing your eye colour to a subtle blue or maybe grey?

Changing your eye colour, even if it is subtly can make a big difference; you will not only look like a new person you will feel like a new person as well. People will automatically notice that something is different with you, giving you that extra boost of confidence for the new year ahead.