Sale Continues

January is the time everyone goes a little crazy for the sales. Harrods was just one store that saw a gross amount of people fighting to the rails, but isn’t there an easier way to get bargains without having to fight people and spend precious time queuing? With the Eyesbright sale, shopping the January sales can be that much more enjoyable.

We started our sale just before Christmas to get you saving earlier and it still continues, giving you the chance to create a new look for the new year. There is a fantastic range of contact lenses and accessories for you to choose from, ideal for any occasion and best of all, at spectacular prices.

From patterned lenses to coloured contacts you will find the ideal lens for you. Why not try a patriotic look and opt for the England St George Flag lenses or the Union Jack contacts? They are ideal for any sporting events like The Ashes. Or, how about changing your eye colour to a subtle blue or maybe grey?

Changing your eye colour, even if it is subtly can make a big difference; you will not only look like a new person you will feel like a new person as well. People will automatically notice that something is different with you, giving you that extra boost of confidence for the new year ahead. 



Happy New Year

Happy New Year from us here at Eyesbright. We hope you have a great day and enjoy your night, whether you will be having fun at a party or a quiet one at home. If you are planning to take it to the nightclubs, try out your new look and see what ally our friends think of it. They are sure to be amazed by your fashion contact lenses and accessories.

Happy New Year everyone!


Contact Lenses: A new year, a new you

Experiment with blue eyes and see what it could do to your lookA new year, a new you. New Year’s Day is when everyone’s resolutions begin, so why not crack on to it now and see what a subtle difference can do to your confidence. By changing your eye colour you will feel like a new you. It is amazing to see how such a small change to your look can affect the way you feel.

What is even more brilliant is that it won’t take long to do and can last up to a year! These yearly contact lenses can give you the look you have been dreaming of and once the year has finished you can experiment with a new colour or design.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Solar Blue Contact Lenses   

Baby blue eyes will instantly transform your look. Blue contacts will give your eye area a fresh look and brighten your features. What more could you want out of an eye colour?

Emerald Green Contact Lenses

Green eyes are beautiful and unique. A great change to have when wanting to try something a bit different for the new year.

 Citrus Contact Lenses

Give your brown eyes a twist of citrus and see what effects they have on your confidence and on other people. Heads will be turning everywhere you go.

Black Out Contact Lenses

Bold is both beautiful and mysterious. Keep people guessing what you are like as a person and have fun doing it.


Fashionable Make-up: Get your party look

Get the party look with EyesbrightNew Year’s Eve is all about the parties and with Eyesbright you are sure to have the best party look around. So if you have an eye for a party round this time of year, but want to make sure you look unlike anyone else, you have come to the right place. Why not try one of these ideas for your party outfit:

Inspired by Gaga

Lady Gaga is all about the extreme. Being brave, yet comfortable in her sense of style and embracing it. So why not do this yourself and try some of these:

Glitter Shaker in Lazer Pink – The best thing about Glitter shakers is that you can apply it on your face and body. Wear it as if it is an eye shadow or eyeliner or both.

 False Lashes in Feather Pink – These will give your lashes volume and length, all the things your mascara is meant to do. They are easy to apply and instantly give your eyes that party look.

Big Eyes Natural Ring Contact Lenses – In her multi award winning video, Bad Romance, Lady Gaga showed just how beautiful big can be. So give your eyes the ultimate make over and reap in all the compliments.


Red lips and smokey eyes oozes sex appeal, but you can do more to keep your look fun and flirty. So why not see what we have in store and get the most out of the seductive look?

Star Burst Brown Contact Lenses - Do you dream in chocolate? Then why not see how dreamy your eyes can look when you wear these memorising brown contact lenses? You will look like a true star when you walk into the party, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

La La Lashes – Dazzle – Flutter your way to the front of the queue with these dazzling false lashes. They will compliment your dark and mysterious eyes and make you feel confident and sexy.

Face Diamonds - Catch their eye with a bit of seductive sparkle. Strategically placed these gems can give you the glamour look you have been wishing for.

Whatever look you decide upon, look fabulous and have a fantastic New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Eyebright! It is a brilliant occasion to get the family together and share a few laughs. Why not try out your new look for the holidays and see what your family thinks of it? You have the whole day to experiment with your lashes and make-up so make the most of it. 

See you soon!

Have a great Christmas