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Eyesbright Provide A Solution To Correct Presbyopia

Acuvue Bifocal lenses are recommended for those who suffer from presbyopiaIt is one of the most common vision problems that many people in their forties and older suffer from. It can’t be prevented; it is simply something that we must endure as our bodies’ age. Presbyopia is caused by the eye’s lens and the surrounding muscles loss of elasticity, which can make it harder to focus on objects that are in close range.

With presbyopia nearsightedness is affected, which can make some everyday activities such as reading particularly challenging. However, as it is a widespread condition there is a variety of measures that can be taken to correct near blurred vision.

Recently at Eyesbright we have delved into the world of prescription lenses in order to help our customers find the perfect contact lens that matches their prescription. And now we’re proudly able to point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right prescription lenses to correct presbyopia.

We advise that you try a pair of bifocal lenses, which offer wearers two points of focus. The main part of the lens allows wearers to correct distance vision, while the lower section boasts a stronger prescription that can be used to focus on objects that are in close range.

These ACUVUE bifocal contact lenses are also perfect for those who are wishing to find an alternative to reading glasses. With Bifocal contact lenses there is no need to carry an additional pair of glasses especially for reading, all you need to correct far and nearsightedness is catered for in one pair of prescription lenses.  

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