Picking out the perfect outfit for your eye colour

At EyesBright, we offer a range of products designed to help our customers enjoy whichever eye colour they want.  It can be tough acclimatising to a new colour, though: after all, those classic ‘go-to’ get-ups might not look quite the same when the eye colour isn’t popping.  That’s why we thought we’d write you all a guide looking at which outfit colours work best with which eye colours:

Blue eyes

One of the benefits of blue eyes is that they can be easily be manipulated to look either brighter or darker, depending on the outfit worn.  Wearing a lighter outfit such as a pretty blue dress or a white top will help throw more emphasis on the lighter specs within the eye, with darker tops, shirts and dresses in turn helping the darker parts of the eye to stand out.  Other colours that work great are pink (which offers a nice contrast) and some shades of brown which helps to lend a bit of warmth to the blue.  There is of course also the eye-catching contrast between the blue and black.

If you’re not naturally blue-eyed but you’d like to achieve the look, our vivid blue contact lenses are ideal.

Green Eyes

There’s something about green eyes that looks undoubtedly stylish.  However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be further emphasised through the creative use of some other colours. Matching greens are definitely worth looking at, as they can help to add a sense of extra depth.  Those looking to help add some extra sparkle should consider the merits of a purple outfit, as this can help the eyes appear brighter.  And, just like blue eyes, green eyes look great when contrasted with black.

Our natural green contact lenses are indistinguishable from the real thing, so they’re perfect for those that want to achieve the natural look.

Dark brown eyes

The main aim of those with the darkest shade of brown eyes (the shade often referred to as ‘black-brown’), is to try and help them ‘pop’.  Fortunately, there are a lot of different colours that can help to achieve this effect.  Neutral colours – especially off-white, ivory or cream – naturally complement the dark brown, and depending on the shade of the outfit can help to both lighten and darken the impression that they make.  The jewel tones also look great: ruby red, sapphire blue and dark teal, as well as emerald and royal greens all provide a stark contrast that can be genuinely stunning and vibrant. 

Those seeking a vibrant dark-brown look should consider investing in our natural brown contact lenses.

Light brown eyes

It’s quite surprising how little overlap there is between the right colours for dark brown eyes and the right ones for the lighter, hazel shades.  While the former works great when contrasted with brighter, more vibrant colours, the latter is more suited to the delicate shades of the autumnal spectrum.  Soft yellows, oranges, delicate reds and peaches all help to emphasise the redder tones found within light brown eyes.  Other colours that naturally suit hazel eyes are greens (which are autumnal in their own way) as well as other shades of brown.  Again, as is the case with most outfits, using variations of the same colour can help to add more depth to the different elements.

Our natural hazel contact lenses are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a stunning light brown aesthetic.


Ol’ Blue Eyes: How Different Outfits Blend With Blue Eyes

At EyesBright, we’ve always enabled our customers to quickly and easily change their eye colour by providing a number of different coloured contact lenses. However, completely changing eye colour can be a bit disconcerting initially; those outfits that made your eyes ‘pop’ before might look a bit flat now!

Today, we’re going to take a look at how to pick out the perfect outfit when sporting a pair of our beautiful blues:

White and Beige

We’ll get the easier ones out of the way first.  As everyone who takes an interest in what they wear knows, there’s no more versatile colour (well, shade) than white.  It simply goes with more or less everything.  In this sense, a plain white (or pale beige) dress will blend with those blue eyes easily, without the need for any embellishments or extra accessories.

Why not combine a white outfit with a set of our vivid blue contact lenses?

Black or Navy

Again, wearing black or navy is a great way to instantly throw the emphasis on the eyes and the face.  The plain dark shades help to slightly subdue the outfit, meaning that the blue in the eyes is far more likely to ‘pop’, especially if it’s particularly bright.  Given the enduring popularity of the classic LBD (Little Black Dress), this is no bad thing!

Our space blue contact lenses are an ideal accompaniment to that stylish black dress.


Orange and blue are renowned for being extremely complimentary to each other, so combining the two is a highly effective technique.  Orange is quite a versatile colour: it can be worn all year round on everything from a simply summertime strap-top to a more professional business dress.  Peach is another colour along the same lines that combines well with various shades of blue.

Orange combines well with more delicate colours, our blue mist contact lenses offer the perfect complimentary shade.


Light colours can mix well with almost every shade of blue.  In the case of the former, they can offer a pleasant complimentary look, and in the case of the latter, they can offer a really great contrast.  Different shades will work with different colours, but gentle lemon and light greens are popular, as are light blues.

Pastel clothes work more effectively with other delicate, light colours.  Our range of Green Lantern contact lenses might be made for a superhero, but they’ll still go perfectly with that summer dress!


There’s something undeniably powerful about a purple dress.  Though not as frequently seen as the LBD or as common as the ‘Lady in Red’ look, a purple dress is seductive, glamorous and perfect for offering a ‘vixen’ sense of style.  What’s more, they look great when combined with blue eyes, offering a lovely contrast. 

Purple outfits tend to be strong, which means that an equally powerful blue will work well.   The glamour blue contact lenses are a great choice.




Spring fashion tips

After a cold winter, spring is finally here, with warm, sunny days and beautiful natural colours blooming everywhere; it’s time to dust off those spring outfits and show everyone your brighter side.

This spring, designers are combining soft pastel colours with vivid bright hues to create a wonderful equilibrium, according to fashion expert Pantone, inspired by blooming flowers, memories of faraway travels and strong, confident women wearers.

Pantone’s video below gives you some idea on how you can pick out wonderful placid blues, tulip violets, hemlock greens and freesia yellows to create beautiful spring looks:


We’ve combined some of these colour schemes with our best springtime contact lenses to add a crisp, natural sheen to your eyes:

Placid blue

If you ever wanted eyes like Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake then our blue mist contact lenses will make your eyes shine like a clear spring day, making you the absolute dream. You can combine these lenses with white cigarette trousers and a light blue boucle for a beautifully light and airy look.

Dazzling blue

These Eyelush Aqua contact lenses glisten like a peacock’s feathers, mesmerising awe-struck onlookers with a variety of blue and green shades. Combine with a dazzling blue tea dress or callot shorts and silk cami for amazing results.

Natural green

Match the springtime trees with natural green contact lenses that combine green and brown speckles to create an amazing woodland warmth. Their mysterious irises give your eyes a beautiful natural hue, perfect for reflecting your oneness with Mother Earth.


As the bees come out to make hay, you can combine these beautiful honey contact lenses with a pretty white dress. With a deep honey glow, they have an endearing, authentic quality, enough to connect with anyone’s true natural instincts.



As lavender begins to flower, these natural violet contact lenses give a beautiful spring sparkle, taking onlookers away to scented meadows and crisp spring hills. Combine with a light green dress and nude eye shadow for an amazing, earthy look.

For more spring fashion tips you can view Glamour’s latest spring fashion trends here, or watch the hottest trends from London Fashion Week below:



How to survive Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year for most people but it can still come with the occasional dread; whether it’s Brussels sprouts, droning in-laws or Wham hits you hate, this guide will make sure you know how to survive Christmas and come out the other side unscathed:

Dress for the occasion

Weather you invest in a questionable Christmas jumper or take time to develop a creative fancy dress

idea, dressing up is a traditional requirement of the festive season.

At you can combine some sparkly contact lenses with glitter to give your face a really festive look:

These Silver Star & Jewels Contact Lenses will add a mystical festive twist to your normal evening attire, allowing you to dress down but avoid appearing being a scrooge.

Our Gold Jewel Contact Lenses will work really well with a Three Wise Men outfit, reflecting your unrivalled generosity and wisdom.


Earmuffs are a festive must-have for the cold weather, which will otherwise turn your ears a rosy red.

More importantly, they will provide protection against the onslaught of Christmas hits which will hit the radio waves at the start of the December.

While you can leave your earmuffs off for the best-loved classics, like ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire’, or ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’, be sure to secure them tightly for Cliff Richard or East Seventeen:


Festive smells

If your modern-day Christmas needs a lift, festive smells will help re-live some of your childhood memories. Christmas Eve is perfect for making mulled wine, giving your kitchen a beautifully-rich festive scent.

Also why not roast some chestnuts and add some scented candles to your living room, it will transform your senses and brighten your mood.

Hangover cures

The festive season wouldn’t be the same without a few glasses of booze; whether it’s port, wine, brandy or beer, always have a hangover cure prepared.

Boxing Day is always made easier by a good hearty English breakfast and a mid-morning walk. We also recommend you invest in some indigestion tablets to help cure your unreserved indulgence.


Christmas is a time for being generous, so why not take some time out of your normal day to really help others? You could take some time to find your family members the perfect gift, hand-crafting something special rather than the usual underpants set, or help with the cooking or preparation.

Alternatively you could lend a hand at a local homeless shelter or volunteer at a special needs school; doing things for others will help you realise how lucky you are and what a special time Christmas really is!


Christmas film contact lenses

With Christmas not far away, it’s time to start planning your festive fancy dress attire; an office or house party could be all the merrier with a well-thought out costume, using a sprinkle of creative touches.

At, we like to do things a little differently, so here are some alternative ideas using characters from Christmas films old and new, including matching Christmas contact lenses for the finishing touch:


Fans of Will Ferrell can re-enact this legendary American comedy hit by combining a green and white soft velvety jacket, yellow stockings and a green and gold Santa hat with our Elegance Green Contact lenses.

For the females, this amazing make-up tutorial will show you how to give yourself a mystical fairy elf look, combining pearl white skin, dark glittery eyes and emerald green eyebrows:



Bad Santa

Anyone can put on a Santa Outfit and appear all jolly, but what about being ‘Bad Santa’? In this hilarious film, Billy Bob Thornton plays a bad tempered, ill-mannered thief who uses his Santa Claus routine to rob a local shopping mall on Christmas Eve:


You could combine a Santa outfit with some dark face paint around the eyes, while pulling your festive fake beard down towards your neck to reveal your grubby, unshaved stubble.

Clutch a can of stale lager and a stubbed out cigarette to really give a rough, dishevelled look.

The Grinch

For a horrific anti-Christmas look, you can go as ‘The Grinch’, combining a wrinkly exterior, sickly smile with our eerie green lenses:


This make-up tutorial uses curled brushstrokes with layered light and dark shades to produce a lifelike Grinch face; you can also add false lashes for devilishly alluring eyes, while painting the strands of hair immediately below your hat:


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a children’s classic, but this Jack Skellington look will have the kids scared for their lives, combining a sunken-eyed skull look with vertebrae neck and a striped suit:

Our black out lenses work perfectly, giving the impression that your eyes are like black holes:


For a more traditional Christmas look with a twist, ‘Scrooge’ combines a measly old face with a top hat, long black coat, neckerchief and wooden walking stick. Our grim reaper contact lenses work really well here, giving a sense of decay and death.

You can use this Christmas Carol inspired makeup tutorial to give you a really grey and gaunt appearance; for the ultimate touch add a long gangly prosthetic nose:


Weather you choose to dress up traditionally or use one of our more creative ideas, be sure to add a set of Christmas contact lenses, they will really help to bring your ideas to life.

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