New Years Eve Outfits!

With Halloween out of the way and Bonfire Night leaving us moderately deafened, there are only two major holidays left: Christmas and New Year.  Fortunately, they’re both brilliant excuses for partying until you can’t eat, drink and dance anymore!  (Someone’s got to show the Beastie Boys that we appreciate them fighting for our rights).

If you want to put together a seriously eye-catching outfit, we’d definitely recommend making use of one of the following accessories:

Stargazer Hair Gel

Have you ever tried to ignore someone with neon colours in their hair? No? Well, take it from us, it’s virtually impossible.  The Stargazer range of coloured hair gels come in practically any colour you could want, from darkest, gothiest black to luminous green.  And yes, we did just invent the word gothiest. 

Glitter Shakers

If you want a costume with real sparkle, then never under-estimate the value of a good glitter shaker.  StarGazer is again our brand of choice: their glitter looks far more expensive than it actually is, and it again comes in a number of different colours, from swanky purple to a UV green.  Sprinkle away, possibly whilst doing the sprinkler dance.

Withdrawing some lash from the lash machine

A good pair of false eyelashes can really help to liven up the facial area and give it real glamour.  We stock a number of different lashes, from the subtle and sophisticated La La Lashes range to StarGazer’s own peacock and gold glitter tips.  Whether you’re obsessed with being the belle of the ball or just want to make your costume that little bit more other-worldly, false lashes are a party must.

Lip tattoos

No, you didn’t read that wrong: lip tattoos!  If you want to attract a lot of attention and set yourself apart from the nightclub dullards, then a lip tattoo is a great way to do so.  Easily applied, they’ll give your lips the look of everything from tiger stripes to a Union Jack.  What’s more, they’re really good value: if you’re on a budget, you’ll struggle to find a better way to stand out from the crowd.

Diamonds are forever

Care to be the sparkliest person at the party?  StarGazer’s face and nail diamonds are an outstanding way to do so without breaking the bank.  Whether you want to draw attention to your luscious lashes or simply want your nails to catch the eye, our range of face jewels are the perfect solution.

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The Latest Lenses from EyesBright

At Eyesbright, we’re always looking to bring our customers the latest and best contact lenses.  As part of this, we’re going to use today to take a look at some of our latest (favourite) models.


Blue Star Contact Lenses

Twinkle, twinkle, little eye. Our Blue Star contact lenses have a completely unique design, the sharp darker blue matched superbly with the sky blue background to create a really eye-catching look.


Charge across the waves and rule the seas! Be your very own Ahab with these nautical lenses.  Using a grey-blue surrounded by darkened lines, they look great. The colour itself is also flexible enough to be worn with almost anything: it’ll look just as cool worn with fancy dress as it will on a night out!

Space blue

If you’re planning an out-of-this-world costume, then the space blue contact lenses are the perfect accompaniment.  The delicate blue matched against the black almost resembles the view of earth from space, and the natural sheen of the design is sure to catch the light in any situation.

UV electric blue

Looking to raise hell (and pulses)? The UV electric blue contact lenses are the perfect way to top off any other-worldly outfit.  The cool factor of these lenses is undeniable: they actually appear clear in regular light, but as soon as they meet UV, they explode in a retro-blue light (not literally, obviously). One of the most unique lenses in our catalogue, and a favourite of many people.


Elegance Green

Looking for lenses that will look great without being too loud and proud? The elegance green lenses are perfect examples.  The delicate peacock-style design is completely one-of-a-kind, and the shades of green and turquoise used as wonderfully subtle.  Alluring, sophisticated and utterly unique.

Green hornet contact lenses

The Green Hornet was one of the standout comic book adaptions of recent years (not as good as The Dark Knight, obviously, but then what the hell is?), and anyone looking to get into the spirit of the film should take a look at these Green Hornet Contact Lenses. The brighter green colouring alone is versatile enough to suit a range of different looks.

The Host

These host contact lenses are amongst the most other-worldly that we sell, without being too overdone.  The colours are relatively simple, comprising mainly of shades of slightly iridescent and pale greens.  They’ll look great in a number of different potential outfits, and will even look good with a normal going-out get-up.



If you loved the Saw movies and want to get involved in a way that doesn’t lead to being arrested, then these Jigsaw lenses are the perfect way to nail that demented, serial-killer-and-torturer look in time for the big party (a sentence that can’t have come up too often).  Combining just enough blood with just enough white, they’re a definite must for Halloween.

Ghost Rider

Those looking for a bit more fire in their red should check out these ghost rider lenses. The Zarazoth designs are a dark, blood-red bordered by black that’ll look absolutely great in more or less any evil costume.  Zombie? Check. Vampire? Check. Satan? Check. Politician? Check. (Ok, ok, we’re kidding.  Maybe.)

Red Target

Looking for a seriously eye-catching (or should that be eye-shooting?) design? Then these Red Target contact lenses are the ideal addition to your costume. Become a modern version of King Harold II with these killer lenses. Just don’t take them paintballing: somehow, that just feels like asking for trouble.


Alien Nation

Looking to have a close encounter at that party? (Oh, pull your minds out of the gutter). These lenses are a great way to top off the extra-terrestrial costume.  The grey, red and black patterns are definitely other-worldly, so they’ll look just as good in a vampire or werewolf costume, too.


ColourVue regularly send us top-notch lenses, and the Tremor models here are typically excellent. Combining an uneven (and bleeding massive) black pupil that cracks into pale green irises, they look seriously cool.  They’ll fit into practically every Halloween costume you have in mind. Unless you’re going as James Bond or something. (‘Do you expect me to talk?’ ’No, Mr Bond, I expect you to JESUS CHRIST HE’S AN ALIEN!!’)

Neji Hyuga Byakugan

We’re not expecting you to pronounce the title perfectly (though kudos if you can), but we do expect you to love these seriously cool lenses. The pale grey irises and spidery black pupils will add a unique style to almost any costume.

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6 Contact Lens Myths Dispelled

Contact lenses are a killer way to instantly change the whole complexion of your look. They can also add a kick ass final touch to the fancy dress costume you’ve just spent hours putting together. However, if you’ve got worn contacts before, you might feel a bit uncertain about them. Can’t they roll into the back of your eyes? Don’t they get stuck? Today, we’re going to furiously tackle some of the myths that have arisen in the contact lens world.

Myth 1: Contact lenses can get stuck or fused to the eye

Like a fair few myths on this list, the idea that contact lenses can get stuck to the eye was probably started by someone not following the specified instructions. If you let your eyes run dry or wear lenses beyond the stated time period, then they can become a bit sticky, but they’re not actually stuck! To combat this, simply splash a bit of cool water onto the eye and the lens will loosen. Absolutely don't run around yelling 'My eyes, my eyes!'

Myth 2: Contact lenses hurt

Again, this myth comes from largely inexperienced wearers. It’s entirely normal for first-time wearers to experience a bit of discomfort whilst getting used to lenses. The key is not to worry: on many occasions, this discomfort won’t last much longer than a few minutes! Modern contact lenses are softer, more flexible and more durable than the originals, so there’s never been a better time to start wearing them.

Myth 3: Contact lenses can be worn beyond the specified time

No, no, no. This is absolutely a myth, and possible the most dangerous one on the list. Disposable contact lenses of any kind need to be discarded on the date set by the manufacturer. Compliance dates are usually specified by the relevant body, so it’d be downright moronic to ignore them. Do NOT wear lenses beyond the specified dates.

Myth 4: Contact lenses can cause eye infections

The vast majority of contact lens problems stem from poor hygiene. It’s vital to take cleanliness seriously, just as you would with anything else involving your eyes! Improper handling of the lenses and a lack of cleaning (not to mention wearing the lenses beyond the manufacturer’s prescribed compliance) can be risky. Always use the necessary cleaning fluids and apply lenses using the correct procedures, and there’ll be nothing to worry about.

Myth 5: Contact lenses can get lost behind the eyes

Complete and utter rubbish; ironic, given that this is perhaps the most common myth on the list! There is a thin membrane called the conjunctiva forming a barrier between your eye ball and your eyelid that makes it impossible for the lenses to move from the front of your eye to the back. So stop worrying about it!

Myth 6: Some people simply can’t get used to lenses

Largely not true. Whilst lenses might seem a little bit odd first time round, 95 per cent of people will get used to them soon enough. Like anything else, applying them just takes a bit of practise!



Six Steps to Perfect False Eyelashes

At Eyesbright, we don’t just sell contact lenses: we also stock a number of high quality false eyelashes designed to achieve any number of different looks.  False lashes are one of those things that are easy once you know how, but can be a right pain when you first get started!  That’s why we’re going to use today to offer up some tips that everyone should know before they use lashes for the first time!

Measure it up.  Before you put the lashes anywhere near your eyes, you should measure them carefully.  If a lash is the wrong length, it could end up drooping at the corner or (far worse) simply poking you in the eye all day!  If you need to shorten the strip, then cut the outer edge completely off using small nail scissors.

Bend, bend, bend.  Take both ends of the false lash and bend them so that the lash creates a ‘C’ shape, and then hold it for a couple of seconds.  This is the quickest way to immediately take the straightness out of the lash, ensuring that it moulds to the curved shape of the eye and doesn’t end up lifting at the corners when it’s been applied.

Use quality glue.  It’s important to use quality glue when applying the lashes, as this’ll ensure that they last the distance.  If you’ve got a steady hand then it’s possible to squeeze straight from the tube onto the strip.  However, it’s easier to put glue on the back of tweezers so you can glide it across the lash strip.  Ensure that you’re generous with the amount used, especially at the inner and outer corner so the glue doesn’t come unstuck.

Give the glue a bit of time.  Wait ten seconds or so for the glue to become a bit more sticky and tactile before you press the lash onto the line, as this will prevent the glue from slipping around whilst you’re trying to line it up properly.  Be sure to apply the lash to the base of your natural lash line, not the eyelid.  Don’t worry about a little bit of mess, as the glue typically dries clear.

Wait before applying mascara! It’s important to wait until last before applying your mascara.  This will enable you to integrate the natural lashes with the false ones, allowing them to mesh into each other.  If you see a gap showing on the eyelid skin between natural lashes and the false ones, you don’t need to pull the strip off and start again: it’s far easier to fill in the gap with a matte black eye shadow.

Remove first.  At the end of the night, it’s easier to remove false eyelashes before you take off the rest of your eye makeup: pre-soften the glue with a cotton swab soaked in an oily makeup remover.  This will loosen the glue up.


Contact Lenses: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Contact lenses are a great way to spark up your look.  At, we stock a range of different contact lenses designed to help you look like everything from a vampire to a beautiful princess (and we’ve also got a few that’ll help you look like a mix between the two!). However, we know that contact lenses can be a bit unusual if you’ve not used them before.  That’s why today, we’re going to use today to look at the basics:

About EyesBright lenses:

Please note that our coloured lenses aren’t medical contact lenses designed to correct defective sight, they’re purely aesthetic.  This is not medical advice!

Preparing for contact lenses

It’s important to ensure that you prepared your eyes (and the lenses) accordingly before you insert them, guaranteeing comfort and safety.  This can be easily done by following a specific process:

Wash your hands, keeping the contact lenses within easy reach.  Ensure that once you’ve washed your hands, you touch nothing but the lenses.  This is essential, as it can minimise the risk of infection.  Touching the sink or toilet could transfer bacteria to your hands – the sort of bacteria you don’t want anywhere near your eyes!  Don’t wash your hands using perfumed, fragrances or anti-bacterial soap: the former can irritate your eye, and the latter can kill the healthy bacteria in your eye that prevents harmful pathogens colonising your cornea. 

Ensure that you dry your hands thoroughly on a CLEAN towel.  Where possible, have a dedicated contact lens towel in place so there’s no contamination or crossover.

Insert the lenses.  Ultimately, inserting contact lenses is something that you’ll get used to.  They feel decidedly weird the first time, and it’s not uncommon to get a little bit of irritation in the first few days.  Don’t worry: you’ll acclimatise!  If you’re planning to wear the lenses for a longer period of time at a specific event, then wear them for a couple of hours a day in the run up so that your eyes can get used to them.

To apply the lenses, blink several times to coat your eye in tears.  From there, place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand.  Use the ring and middle fingers of your other hand to pull your top eyelid upwards, and then use the ring and middle fingers to pull the eyelid down, then gently place the contact lenses in the centre of your eye.  Tilt your head backwards slightly, and then let go of both eyelids.  Blink several times to coat your eye in tears.

How to clean and store your lenses

When cleaning your contact lenses, there are a few important things to bear in mind:

  • Saline isn’t a disinfectant. However, it can be used to rinse lenses prior to insertion: however, it must not be relied upon to remove bacteria.  You must use a solution designed for soft contact lenses that DOESN’T contain hydrogen peroxide.
  • Never re-use contact lens solution.  This can risk you re-infecting your lenses with bacteria: always use fresh solution each and every time you clean your lenses.
  • Don’t share lenses.  This can easily spread disease and infection.  So don’t do it!
  • After you’ve removed your lenses from their case, rinse them thoroughly with saline and let them air dry.  Ensure that you replace your case at the same time as the lenses, or after 30 days.
  • If your lenses have been in their case for over 24 hours, ensure that you always re-clean them.
  • Wash your hands every time before you handle your solution or lens case: again this minimises the risk of transferring germs.
  • Rub the lenses with the cleaning and soaking solution rather than just soaking them: this helps to reduce the build-up of bacteria.

Some things to be aware of:

  • You should never wear lenses if suffering from any form of eye irritation or any type of infection.
  • Keep your nails short, as long nails can tear your lens or scratch the eye, leading to the potential for infection.
  • Some medications – such as the contraceptive pill – can reduce your tolerance to contact lenses. Check with your doctor if you’re uncertain.
  • Purchase some re-wetting drops if you’re wearing the lenses at a party.  Parties are typically smoky affairs, and smoke can irritate lenses by drying out the eyes: protect yourself from irritation!
  • On some occasions, soft coloured lenses can turn inside out during insertion, but it can still be hard to tell if this is due to shape.  Hold the lens on your finger and squeeze the base between opposing fingers.  If you feel the edges curve outwards, it’s inside out.
  • Wetter contact lenses can easily slip off your fingers.  Once its hit the floor, don’t even think about putting it anywhere near your eye!  Disinfect it thoroughly overnight to ensure that all of the pathogens are removed.

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