Green Eyes, Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes: The Mega Make-up Guide

Previously, we took a look at how eye colour can impact which outfits you wear for a big night out.  Today, though, we’re going to take a look at another area it can impact: your make-up!  Remember, if you ever want to change your eye-colour for the evening, our range of natural colour contact lenses can help!

Make-up tips for blue eyes

Make sure you nail the eye-shadow

Picking out the right eye-shadow is a key part of emphasising those beautiful blues.  Ideally, you should go for brown, rose, terracotta or neutral whilst in the office, and then a more eye-catching colour such as purple when heading out for an evening on the town.  Other great matching shades for blue include lavender and deep plum.  You can also brave the world of metallic (silver and gold look great) if you like that sort of look.  The world is your eye-ster. (sorry).

Shadow effects

A lot of people prefer to use sheer shadow when it comes to blue eyes.  Because the natural colour is fairly calm, sheer shadows can help to make them pop.  If you don’t want to go for sheer, though, then matte shadow will have a similar effect – it’s particularly suitable for professional occasions.


One of the cool things about blue eyes is that it’s possible to actually layer a number of colours together in order to achieve some great combinations.  Combining a light brown and then a copper tone, for instance, can look killer: they’re both bright colours that will combine well with the blue.  Strangely, shades of navy can also work really well with natural blue.


Blue eyes can look absolutely stunning when combined with a smoky charcoal eyeliner.  As with the eye-shadow, dark blue, grey and silver eyeliner will work well with blue eyes. If you want to create a really eye-catching, Zooey Deschanel-type contrast then combine those beautiful blues with black.

Warming up

Because blue has that icy edge, warmer hues can work particularly well. Any colour that has more warmth – such as hazel – can help to give normal blue a bit of warmth.  (Vice-versa, if you’ve got slightly warmer eyes, then a cooler shade of eye-liner or shadow can help them pop).

Less lip

Whatever shade of blue your eyes are, they can be emphasised through the toning down of your lip colour.  If you pick out a matte lipstick in a peachy brown or pale pink, then your lips are less likely to steal the limelight.  Of course, if you’ve got particularly stunning lips then you can always let them take centre-stage and tone down your eye colour using our delicate blue contacts.

Make-up tips for brown eyes

Know your shades

The shade of your eyes will have a big impact on which make-up is preferable.  Those with bright hazel, for instance, aren’t going to benefit from the same techniques that help black-brown eyes pop.  Fortunately, almost every shade of brown works well with the others: hazel and black-brown together looks great.

For medium brown eyes

Three standout colours to work with are green, violent and bronze, all of which will look great with medium brown.  Indeed, medium brown eyes are one of the most versatile, with purple and green in particular working as well in day-time as they do in the evening.  Another good tip is to pair neutral shadow with copper or bronze eyeliner.

White Liner

Does white eye-liner work? Well, it’s certainly a controversial choice.  However, there’s a lot to be said for pairing white liner with metallic tones in order to bring out brown eyes.  It’s unique, sure, but if you like the look then you’ve found an instant, eye-catching trick to pull on those nights when you want all the attention.

Cobalt Blue

Speaking of eye-catching.  If you really, really want to turn heads, then cobalt blue is a killer tool.  As well as catching the attention of its own accord, the colour really helps the brown to pop.  Again, this isn’t going to be a look that suits everyone, but a lot of people will really love it.

For light brown eyes

The one caveat to the point we made about versatility is that light brown eyes shouldn’t be used with pure black eyeliner.  Ensure that the chosen eyeliner has at least some shade of brown within.  For the brightest hazel, champagne tones containing violet, bronze or brown liner can help to reflect the flecks of colour in the eyes.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up

Every now and then, it can look great to combine some real bright sparks of colour with brown eyes to help really stand out.  Metallic silver shadow paired with metallic plum along the bottom lash line, for instance, can really turn heads.  Indeed, any complimentary light eye-shadow combined with dark brown eyeliner can look great.

Make-up tips for green eyes

All praise to purple

Purple is known for being about the most versatile eye-shadow colour, and it’s at its best when combined with green eyes.  The two colours are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, meaning that they contrast each other superbly, helping to enhance both at the same time.  The only versions of purple best ignored are those that contain blue undertones.

Stay clear of silver

Whilst metallic shades can still look great when combined with blue, it’s best to avoid silver.  Bronze, copper and gold, however, can look superb.  In particular, they can look great when combined with an earthy brown or dark green eye-shadow.

Say no to black eyeliner

Whilst black eyeliner is almost universally popular, there’s one colour that it’s not quite so effective with: yup, you guessed it: green!  If you want to deploy a darker eyeliner with green eyes, then it’s best to go for chocolate brown or espresso for every day, and then a spicier plum or gold when heading out onto the town.  If you want to really make those eyes pop, then a little white eyeliner added to the inner corner near the tear duct can look great.

Go bronze

Like blue eyes, green eyes look absolutely great with warmer colours, meaning that bronze an ideal compatriot: it really helps the green stand-out.  (Gold can work just as well if you get a warm enough shade).


Choosing the Perfect Eye-shadow for Brown Eyes

Much as we (obviously) love lenses, we’d never dream of under-estimating the part that the perfect eye shadow can play in getting that great look.  Of course, that does mean having to actually find the perfect eye shadow!  Today, we’re going to take a look at what we think are the best eye-shadows for brown eyes.

Purple Eye shadow

Isn’t purple eye shadow a wonderful thing?  Aside from the neutrals, we can’t think of a single other colour that has quite the same level of versatility. From blond eyes and blue eyes to black and brown eyes, there’s not a single person out there that can’t make purple eye shadow work.

Purple works great with brown eyes in almost any situation due to the strong contrast – on the colour wheel, the two are directly opposite each other.  A purple eye-shadow with a slightly blue tint can really help the natural warmth of the brown to pop.

If you’re planning on using purple eye-shadow, then you’ll want a pair of lenses that have that warmth.  Our natural hazel contact lenses are ideal.

Blue Eye-shadow

There’s no denying that blue eye shadow can be a bit of a divisive beast.  When done wrong, it makes the wearer look like they belong in an eighties techno band.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s the look you’re going for!).  However, when done right – as a combination with brown eyes for example – it can look great.  The coolness of the blue again contrasts nicely with the natural warmth of the iris.

Again, if you’re going to use blue eye-shadow then it’s probably best to go with a slightly warmer brown.  Our natural brown contact lenses are ideal.

Yellow and Orange Eye-shadow

One of the benefits of using eye-shadow is its ability to bring out different tints in the eye, depending on which colours are used.  For brown eyes, orange and yellow eye-shadow is a perfect example of this. When worn with slightly brighter brown or hazel eyes, they help to bright out the yellow-y tint within the iris.  This is quite a unique effect, but is one that will still appeal to a number of different people.  A mix of the two – more of a gold-y shade – can also look good.

If you’re looking to go for that slightly yellow-y effect, then the Big Eyes Pretty Hazel Contact Lenses are well worth a look.

Silver Eye-shadow

Like blue eye-shadow, one of the main reasons that silver eye-shadow can work so effectively with brown eyes is that it has a natural coolness which contrasts nicely with the opposing colour.  Fortunately, those looking to go with silver eye-shadow have a lot of different options: more or less any shade will work, including platinum, metallic silver or even gun-metal. The only thing to bear in mind is that silver under the lower lash-line can highlight any dark circles under the eye, so it might not work quite as well the morning after a late night.

Silver eye shadow obviously offers an eye-catching look, which makes the Diva Brown contact lenses a very sensible investment.

Brown and neutral eye shadow

If in doubt, go with the matching colour!  Whilst wearing eye shadow that’s the same colour as the eyes isn’t exactly the most transfixing, we all need to make a good impression here and there!  (It’s not like bright silver is going to suit a professional day at the office!).  A good way to help to inject a bit of personality into the matching look is to add a little bit of colour (such as purple, teal or green) just under either the lower lash line or the waterline.  The effect will be subtle enough to go un-noticed, but will still help the eyes pop.

For a day-to-day, but still classy, look, go for the Bigger Eyes sweet honey contact lenses.

Green Eye-shadow

Last, but nowhere near least, is green eye-shadow.  Again, this colour really can look great on both hazel and darker brown eyes.  In the case of the former, the eye-shadow can help to emphasise the hazel’s hints of green.  For a really vivid pop, teal green is perfect, offering unrivalled vibrancy. Ideal for those occasions where nothing less than really standing out will do.

A slightly darker brown will be ideal for that vibrant green effect.  Our Edward Scissorhands contact lenses are the ideal choice.  Yes, really: they look gorgeous!


Picking out the perfect outfit for your eye colour

At EyesBright, we offer a range of products designed to help our customers enjoy whichever eye colour they want.  It can be tough acclimatising to a new colour, though: after all, those classic ‘go-to’ get-ups might not look quite the same when the eye colour isn’t popping.  That’s why we thought we’d write you all a guide looking at which outfit colours work best with which eye colours:

Blue eyes

One of the benefits of blue eyes is that they can be easily be manipulated to look either brighter or darker, depending on the outfit worn.  Wearing a lighter outfit such as a pretty blue dress or a white top will help throw more emphasis on the lighter specs within the eye, with darker tops, shirts and dresses in turn helping the darker parts of the eye to stand out.  Other colours that work great are pink (which offers a nice contrast) and some shades of brown which helps to lend a bit of warmth to the blue.  There is of course also the eye-catching contrast between the blue and black.

If you’re not naturally blue-eyed but you’d like to achieve the look, our vivid blue contact lenses are ideal.

Green Eyes

There’s something about green eyes that looks undoubtedly stylish.  However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be further emphasised through the creative use of some other colours. Matching greens are definitely worth looking at, as they can help to add a sense of extra depth.  Those looking to help add some extra sparkle should consider the merits of a purple outfit, as this can help the eyes appear brighter.  And, just like blue eyes, green eyes look great when contrasted with black.

Our natural green contact lenses are indistinguishable from the real thing, so they’re perfect for those that want to achieve the natural look.

Dark brown eyes

The main aim of those with the darkest shade of brown eyes (the shade often referred to as ‘black-brown’), is to try and help them ‘pop’.  Fortunately, there are a lot of different colours that can help to achieve this effect.  Neutral colours – especially off-white, ivory or cream – naturally complement the dark brown, and depending on the shade of the outfit can help to both lighten and darken the impression that they make.  The jewel tones also look great: ruby red, sapphire blue and dark teal, as well as emerald and royal greens all provide a stark contrast that can be genuinely stunning and vibrant. 

Those seeking a vibrant dark-brown look should consider investing in our natural brown contact lenses.

Light brown eyes

It’s quite surprising how little overlap there is between the right colours for dark brown eyes and the right ones for the lighter, hazel shades.  While the former works great when contrasted with brighter, more vibrant colours, the latter is more suited to the delicate shades of the autumnal spectrum.  Soft yellows, oranges, delicate reds and peaches all help to emphasise the redder tones found within light brown eyes.  Other colours that naturally suit hazel eyes are greens (which are autumnal in their own way) as well as other shades of brown.  Again, as is the case with most outfits, using variations of the same colour can help to add more depth to the different elements.

Our natural hazel contact lenses are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a stunning light brown aesthetic.


Ol’ Blue Eyes: How Different Outfits Blend With Blue Eyes

At EyesBright, we’ve always enabled our customers to quickly and easily change their eye colour by providing a number of different coloured contact lenses. However, completely changing eye colour can be a bit disconcerting initially; those outfits that made your eyes ‘pop’ before might look a bit flat now!

Today, we’re going to take a look at how to pick out the perfect outfit when sporting a pair of our beautiful blues:

White and Beige

We’ll get the easier ones out of the way first.  As everyone who takes an interest in what they wear knows, there’s no more versatile colour (well, shade) than white.  It simply goes with more or less everything.  In this sense, a plain white (or pale beige) dress will blend with those blue eyes easily, without the need for any embellishments or extra accessories.

Why not combine a white outfit with a set of our vivid blue contact lenses?

Black or Navy

Again, wearing black or navy is a great way to instantly throw the emphasis on the eyes and the face.  The plain dark shades help to slightly subdue the outfit, meaning that the blue in the eyes is far more likely to ‘pop’, especially if it’s particularly bright.  Given the enduring popularity of the classic LBD (Little Black Dress), this is no bad thing!

Our space blue contact lenses are an ideal accompaniment to that stylish black dress.


Orange and blue are renowned for being extremely complimentary to each other, so combining the two is a highly effective technique.  Orange is quite a versatile colour: it can be worn all year round on everything from a simply summertime strap-top to a more professional business dress.  Peach is another colour along the same lines that combines well with various shades of blue.

Orange combines well with more delicate colours, our blue mist contact lenses offer the perfect complimentary shade.


Light colours can mix well with almost every shade of blue.  In the case of the former, they can offer a pleasant complimentary look, and in the case of the latter, they can offer a really great contrast.  Different shades will work with different colours, but gentle lemon and light greens are popular, as are light blues.

Pastel clothes work more effectively with other delicate, light colours.  Our range of Green Lantern contact lenses might be made for a superhero, but they’ll still go perfectly with that summer dress!


There’s something undeniably powerful about a purple dress.  Though not as frequently seen as the LBD or as common as the ‘Lady in Red’ look, a purple dress is seductive, glamorous and perfect for offering a ‘vixen’ sense of style.  What’s more, they look great when combined with blue eyes, offering a lovely contrast. 

Purple outfits tend to be strong, which means that an equally powerful blue will work well.   The glamour blue contact lenses are a great choice.




Spring fashion tips

After a cold winter, spring is finally here, with warm, sunny days and beautiful natural colours blooming everywhere; it’s time to dust off those spring outfits and show everyone your brighter side.

This spring, designers are combining soft pastel colours with vivid bright hues to create a wonderful equilibrium, according to fashion expert Pantone, inspired by blooming flowers, memories of faraway travels and strong, confident women wearers.

Pantone’s video below gives you some idea on how you can pick out wonderful placid blues, tulip violets, hemlock greens and freesia yellows to create beautiful spring looks:


We’ve combined some of these colour schemes with our best springtime contact lenses to add a crisp, natural sheen to your eyes:

Placid blue

If you ever wanted eyes like Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake then our blue mist contact lenses will make your eyes shine like a clear spring day, making you the absolute dream. You can combine these lenses with white cigarette trousers and a light blue boucle for a beautifully light and airy look.

Dazzling blue

These Eyelush Aqua contact lenses glisten like a peacock’s feathers, mesmerising awe-struck onlookers with a variety of blue and green shades. Combine with a dazzling blue tea dress or callot shorts and silk cami for amazing results.

Natural green

Match the springtime trees with natural green contact lenses that combine green and brown speckles to create an amazing woodland warmth. Their mysterious irises give your eyes a beautiful natural hue, perfect for reflecting your oneness with Mother Earth.


As the bees come out to make hay, you can combine these beautiful honey contact lenses with a pretty white dress. With a deep honey glow, they have an endearing, authentic quality, enough to connect with anyone’s true natural instincts.



As lavender begins to flower, these natural violet contact lenses give a beautiful spring sparkle, taking onlookers away to scented meadows and crisp spring hills. Combine with a light green dress and nude eye shadow for an amazing, earthy look.

For more spring fashion tips you can view Glamour’s latest spring fashion trends here, or watch the hottest trends from London Fashion Week below: