Game of Thrones Survey: Brace yourself; Rumours are coming *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

With the news that the latest series of Game of Thrones will start on 14th April (12th for U.S), rumours are already flying all over the web. What’s more, the great man himself has said that the series will differ from the books.

Or, in his own words:

‘Everybody better be on their toes. [Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] are even bloodier than I am.’

What does this mean for lovers of the series?  It means that HAVE MERCY WHY ISN’T IT THE 12TH OF APRIL ALREADY I CAN’T WAIT…erm, sorry; too much coffee.

So what’s really going to happen? Well, we don’t know.  However, we’ve had a look at some of the theories doing the rounds, and these are definitely our favourites…

(None are confirmed, but some come from the books.  As a result, consider these potential SPOILERS!):

Sansa gets hitched

Possibly the most disturbing theory is that newly-goth Sansa will end up marrying Ramsay Bolton.  Yes, the one that chopped off Theon’s manhood before eating a sausage in front of him.  Because, y’know, being around Littlefinger just isn’t creepy enough.

Jamie and Cersei aren’t Lannisters

Yes, fans are starting to question the birth of the gorgeous twosome, following hints that the Mad King took some liberties with Tywin’s wife. (You’d have to be mad to try that). Targaryens have always been a fan of the whole incest thing, so this would sort of make sense. In a horrible, horrible way.

(Of course, there’s always the possibility that Tyrion is the non-Lannister, which would explain why Tywin was always such an arse to the poor guy.  Until Tyrion straight up murdered him, right in the toilet).

The Mountain returns

Even in the book this isn’t confirmed, but there are rumours that everyone’s favourite eye-gouging, skull-crushing loony will return with a new suit of armour, a new name and presumably the same anger issues. Can someone please, please just kill him properly?

Varys is a merman

Just YES.  There has been the odd rumour in the books that ‘merlings’ do exist, and Varys definitely looks a bit reptilian. This theory seems almost entirely based on Varys’ reply when Tyrion threatened to throw him in the sea: ‘You might be disappointed in the results’.  First person to make a compilation video and set it to ‘Part of that world’ from The Little Mermaid wins the internet.

Jon Snow ain’t a Stark – well, not Ned’s anyway

The standout rumour regarding the dishy wall guardian is definitely that Snow isn’t actually Ned Stark’s bastard child, but instead the child of Prince Rhaegar Targaryan and Lyanna Stark.  As well as making dear old no-head Ned seem like less of a cheating swine, this would give Jon a solid claim to the Iron Throne.

What do you think will happen?

In tribute to what’s definitely the most addictive show in the world (especially since Walter White’s last hoorah), we’ve put together this survey on just what the real GoT fans think is going to happen to the parade of characters who’ll no doubt find themselves in peril over the next ten weeks.  We’d love to have your expertise on some of the following questions:

Who's going to snuff it?

Who'll reign on the Iron Throne at the end (if anyone)?

Who's your favourite character (well, favourite still alive character?)

As well as a number of others.  To take part, visit the survey here:

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Celebrities who wear colour contact lenses

You might think that contact lenses are solely limited to actors or those in a movie video, but that’s not the case: they can actually look great when worn casually, too.  Don’t believe us? That’s fine, ask these celebrities, all of whom have rocked the colour contacts whilst out on the town:

Kim Kardashian

Go big or go home.  The divine Mrs Kanye is well known for wearing lenses to alter her day to day appearance.  Kim has often been seen wearing seashell-like grey blue lenses that are a long way from her natural warm brown.  It goes without saying that against the darker hue of Kim’s skin, the contrast is stunning.

Paris Hilton

Next on the list of celebs is the blonde haired, blue-eyed Ms Hilton.  Who’s not actually blue eyed at all!  Paris’ eyes are, like Kim’s, a shade of brown.  However, she almost permanently wears lenses to achieve that piercing sky look that goes so well with her brightly bleached hair.  If you’re a fan of this look then there are few better examples of it than Paris.

Britney Spears

The once upon a time Queen of Pop is definitely a colour lenses fan: there are photos across the web that show her wearing everything from sharp green to warm browns, as well as sky blue and even heterochromia iridum (different colours in both eyes)!  She’s worn some of the looks for videos, and others whilst just out and about, so it’s clear that Britney loves nothing more than revamping her image, eyes first!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s natural beauty has been transformed a fair few times through the use of lenses.  Her eyes are actually green, but on a number of occasions she’s worn light blue lenses – particularly when rocking darker hair.  The combination of dark hair and light blue eyes is a stunning one (as any fan of Zooey Deschanel will be able to tell you).

Angelina Jolie

Widely praised as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie has nonetheless been seen wearing lenses in a number of photoshoots, and seems to particularly favour delicate greens. Angelina has also worn lenses for certain movie roles, such as in ‘Salt’, where her eyes were turned to a dark shade of brown.  Speaking of using contact lenses for roles…

Movie star lenses!

As well as the above casual wearers, many celebs make use of lenses in order to change their appearance for particular roles.  These are some of the most memorable:

Robert Pattinson

The man known to some as R-Patz used contacts to alter his appearance and become Twilight’s Edward Cullen.  His natural blues were transformed into a stylish golden brown more befitting a supernatural figure who’s lived for hundreds of years.

Orlando Bloom

They’ve taken the Hobbits to Isengard!  Whilst filming his part as Legolas in Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings adaption, Orlando made use of some striking blue lenses to compliment his long blonde wig.  In the real world, Orlando has a charming brown hair, brown eyes thing going on, so the LOTR look was quite a transformation.

Wesley Snipes

Back in his 80s and 90s heyday, Mr Snipes was known for rocking the lenses.  The most famous example definitely came in 1993s Demolition Man, when he went full on Prince, adding some purple to his eyes for his movie-stealing turn as the villainous Simon Phoenix.

Doug Bradley

One of the most famous users of coloured contact lenses in the movie world, Mr Bradley has been wearing the red-and-blacks in his portrayal of Pinhead – the fetish-mad lead Cenobite from the Hellraiser series – for over two decades.  Don’t open that weird looking box!



The Complete Guide to Dressing like Legolas 

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Well, of course you are: who isn’t?  Peter Jackson’s now six-film monster series has been a huge endeavour; one which has widely been considered a major success.  As well as being a killer in the awards ceremonies, LOTR has also been a boom for fancy dress parties: there are enough characters for everybody to go as one!  Our favourite is probably the elf that the ladies love (nothing to do with him being played by Orlando Bloom, we’re sure): Legolas.

How to nail the Legolas Costume

First things first, you’ll need to find a tunic.  This not being the Viking era, there aren’t a lot of tunics around anymore.  The best option is usually take some form of green, knee-length coat and cut the collar (if there is one) off and cut the sides to create that ‘V’ shape. Voila! An instant tunic!

From there, you’ll need to create the ‘waistcoat’ that Legolas wears over his tunic.  This is definitely the fiddly part of the costume.  The best way to do this is to simply cut out brown fabric to the shape of the waistcoat and stitch it directly onto the tunic.  If you’re not a fan of sewing, try to get a friend who is to help you out!

There are patterns stitched into the waistcoat: it’s very much up to you whether you want to include them or not.  It’s not like you aren’t going to be recognised without it, but it does lend a little bit of extra realism to the outfit.  If you do want to get the effect without spending weeks stitching, then a silver sharpie will do the job.

The sweeping cloak

As with any cloak, all you really need is a large length of greeny-brown material that you can then fix around your neck.  Almost any fabric shop (and a lot of the leading department stores) will be able to supply you with the perfect material.  Then it’s just a case of using some kind of fastener to join it at the collar.

The accessories

There are two main accessories to the Legolas costume.  Probably the most important is the green, elven leaf brooch that Legolas wears: this will give a real authenticity to your outfit. If you’ve got seven or so quid spare, you can actually get these on Ebay.  Alternatively, simply raid the charity shops and get any brooch that’s bright green and close to a leafy shape!

The other main accessory is the ‘bracers’ – that is, the leather that wraps around Legolas’ forearms.  Anyone with a bit of money to spend can visit a custom leather shop, but assuming you don’t have tonnes of cash to spend, then the best option is probably plastic ones from an actual fancy dress shop.

Hair - Without those long waving blond locks, Legolas wouldn’t truly be Legolas.  Really, the only option (unless that happens to be what your normal hair is!) is to pick up a wig.  These sorts of wigs are available from a wide range of different destinations, and at different price points.  Without the wig, you’re just a random elf so this is the one area where not spending money isn’t really an option!

Ears - Like all of the elves, Legolas has the whole pointed ear thing going on.  No expensive make-up needed: get onto Ebay and you’ll be able to find elf ears for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Eyes - Well, it wasn’t like we were going to forget this, was it?  In the movies, Orlando Bloom used lenses to create those beautiful blues: we’d recommend either the Vivid Blue or the standard Blue, both of which will have everyone swooning in your wake.

Get a good belt - A decent brown leather belt really helps to tie the outfit together.  We’re not even really sure why, but trust us: it works! 

Armed and dangerous

Legolas is known for being a skilled bowman, making his weapons a key part of the outfit.  In order to whip up a decent looking quiver, all you’ll need is some cheap brown fabric and something like a cardboard poster tube (feel free to cut it down if you’re a bit shorter!).  Hot glue will be more than enough to stick the fabric to the tube.  You can then use another brown leather belt (a longer one) to act as the strap: again, hot glue should be enough to keep everything in place.

Arrows?  Four words, friends: pencil erasers and wooden dowels.  Virtually any stationary shop sells those point pencil erasers: paint over them with some cheap silver paint and fix them onto the end of the dowels: instant arrows!  For the end of the arrows, a couple of smaller feathers on the end of the dowel should be sufficient.

The Bow?  There’s virtually no point making a bow: every toy shop will have a few.  If you want to ‘age’ them a bit, you can always use the same fabric that you used for the quiver to go around the grip area.


The Complete Guide to Nail Diamonds

Nail diamonds and stones are a brilliantly effective way to add real sparkle and glamour to your nails.  Typically, they’re not too expensive, and they can be used on virtually any type of nail. If you’ve not used nail diamonds before, keep reading: we’re going to go through everything you need to know.

What materials are used?

Whilst you’ll have heard them called both nail diamonds and nail rhinestones, the truth is that many different materials are used to make the stones.  Which one you go for will largely depend on your budget, as prices can vary quite considerably. Some options include:

  • Acrylic stones.  The least expensive option – and as a result the most common – acrylic stones come in a huge range of different colours, sizes and shapes.  They’ll often have a metallic foil coating on the back in order to help them reflect the light.
  • Glass stones. More expensive, glass nail crystals are created machine cut glass stones.  This process makes the stones sparkly, and also makes them more durable than acrylics.
  • Crystal/Swarovski stones.  These are machine cut using synthetic crystals specially formulated to imitate real diamond. The exact formula for producing Swarovski crystals is a secret, but the stones sure do look good!
  • Real diamonds.  Mind-numbingly expensive.  Probably only fiscally sensible if you’re Kanye West.

The key features

There are a number of different things to consider when picking out your preferred stones. These include:

  • The size.  Nail stones are usually measured in millimetres across.
  • Faceted or non-faceted?  This is simply how the stones are cut: with a number of flat surfaces, or like a classically cut diamond.  The cut alters how light reflects off the stone.
  • AB (or not). This refers to a light reflective coat found on the surface of the stone.  It will change the colour of the stone to give it an opalescent light reflective quality.  Clear crystal rhinestones with an AB coating will look opalescent.
  • Shapes.  Nail rhinestones come in a number of different shapes and sizes, including (but not limited to) flowers, hears, bow ties, stars, squares, tear drops and – of course – simple round stones.

Applying stones to natural nails

Whilst there’s no one way in which to apply the nails, following this process will work perfectly nearly every time.  Ideal if this is your first time!

  1. Ensure you’re setting the stone in a semi-dry nail varnish.  The polish you’ve applied will need to be dry enough so that it doesn’t smudge when you place the diamond, but not so wet that it actually dries onto the stone. 
  2. Applying the nail.  Where possible, you don’t want to use your fingers for this – even the daintiest hands are a bit too big and clumsy!  A good way to pick up the crystals is to use a slant ended orange stick dipped in water and then blotted on a lint-free wool pad; the surface tension of the water will give you the sticking power.  Other options include a dotter, nail art tweezers, tooth picks and (if you can find one) a specifically made rhinestone picker upper!
  3. Applying the coat.  Once the stone is in place, you can add your top coat.  The stone is held in place by the top coat, so use a good, thick, long-lasting one.
  4. It’s virtually impossible to prevent the top coat from dulling the diamond’s sparkle at least a little bit, whatever stone you’re using.  A good way to minimise this is to apply the top coat around the sides of the stone using a finer brush.

How long do they last?

The length of time your stones last will depend on both the quality of polish and top coat you use, the size of the stone (heavier stones are more likely to come away faster) and, of course, the amount of wear and tear your nails are actually subjected to.

Our favourites

If you want some great nail diamonds at an excellent price, we’d heavily recommend the Stargazers: they look great, and don’t cost the earth.  Outstanding if you want to look good without breaking the bank.


New Years Eve Outfits!

With Halloween out of the way and Bonfire Night leaving us moderately deafened, there are only two major holidays left: Christmas and New Year.  Fortunately, they’re both brilliant excuses for partying until you can’t eat, drink and dance anymore!  (Someone’s got to show the Beastie Boys that we appreciate them fighting for our rights).

If you want to put together a seriously eye-catching outfit, we’d definitely recommend making use of one of the following accessories:

Stargazer Hair Gel

Have you ever tried to ignore someone with neon colours in their hair? No? Well, take it from us, it’s virtually impossible.  The Stargazer range of coloured hair gels come in practically any colour you could want, from darkest, gothiest black to luminous green.  And yes, we did just invent the word gothiest. 

Glitter Shakers

If you want a costume with real sparkle, then never under-estimate the value of a good glitter shaker.  StarGazer is again our brand of choice: their glitter looks far more expensive than it actually is, and it again comes in a number of different colours, from swanky purple to a UV green.  Sprinkle away, possibly whilst doing the sprinkler dance.

Withdrawing some lash from the lash machine

A good pair of false eyelashes can really help to liven up the facial area and give it real glamour.  We stock a number of different lashes, from the subtle and sophisticated La La Lashes range to StarGazer’s own peacock and gold glitter tips.  Whether you’re obsessed with being the belle of the ball or just want to make your costume that little bit more other-worldly, false lashes are a party must.

Lip tattoos

No, you didn’t read that wrong: lip tattoos!  If you want to attract a lot of attention and set yourself apart from the nightclub dullards, then a lip tattoo is a great way to do so.  Easily applied, they’ll give your lips the look of everything from tiger stripes to a Union Jack.  What’s more, they’re really good value: if you’re on a budget, you’ll struggle to find a better way to stand out from the crowd.

Diamonds are forever

Care to be the sparkliest person at the party?  StarGazer’s face and nail diamonds are an outstanding way to do so without breaking the bank.  Whether you want to draw attention to your luscious lashes or simply want your nails to catch the eye, our range of face jewels are the perfect solution.

To view the full range of Eyesbright products, visit our main catalogue page here.